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Scotland has an interesting history of buildings among them include prehistoric villages, 12th century, Gothic architecture to the 20th century modern buildings. The rich history of buildings spans across centuries showing how Scottish people and society have built this country.

Dating back from 3500 BC prehistoric periods the best surviving building have been found in Orkney, Northern Islands of Scotland. They are known as Neolithic stone villages, Skara Brae a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Glasgow early Gothic architecture was prominent from 12th to 16th century, a prime example is the Glasgow Cathedral. These buildings are tall with pointed arches and ornate windows. Gothic styles appear in Edinburgh city at St Giles’ Cathedral and the Scott Monument.

Scottish architects William Adam and his son Robert Adam both lead the way in Scotland ith Georgian buildings in 18th and 19th century this was a revival of Greek and Roman classical forms the best example is found in Edinburgh. In the mid 19th century there was a transition into Victorian architecture the style was a mix of Middle Eastern and Asian influences.

The 20th century brought new materials and possibilities modern building take shape in Scotland one of the most talked about structure is the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh.

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