Decorating the Floors of a Scottish Home

Decorating the Floors of a Scottish Home Image

Decorating the Floors of a Scottish Home

Scotland sees a significant number of tourists visiting both its cities and the countryside each year. For this reason, residents may be tempted to let their homes out to visitors. It is an excellent way to both gain supplemental income and show people some Scottish hospitality.

When decorating Scottish holiday homes, it is essential to not neglect the floors. Often a rug can be utilised to make the space seem more inviting. These are available from Trend Carpet.

Deciding on the Shape of the Rug

Often the ideal rug shape will depend on both the size and structure of the room. If the interior has a block shape, then rectangular floor décor is usually the best option. Rectangular rugs are the most popular type and fit well in medium to large-sized dwellings. On the other hand, round rugs tend to be better for cosier holiday homes that have softer-edged rooms.

Picking Clan Colours

There is an abundance of ancient clans throughout Scotland. If a family has lived within this country for many years, then the chances are they belong to one of them. Each clan has its own colours. They tend to be a combination of two or three hues. Famous examples include blue and green, red and black or yellow and green. The holiday homeowner may wish to pick out a Trend Carpet rug that has their clan colours.

Patterns That Hold Cultural Significance

There are specific patterns that hold an important significance for Scottish people. This is due to the fact they represent centuries of proud history. The two most famous examples are tartan and argyle patterns. Sometimes the accommodation will contain a floor décor with these designs.

Appealing to the General Public

Since the primary goal of the design is to entice guests, it is important that the decorations appeal to the vast majority of people. This does not mean that they have to be bland and uninteresting. The owner can fill the home with all manner of Scottish iconography. However, anything too garish should be avoided.

Taking the Rest of the Décor Into Account

Consistency is one of the main elements of interior design. The person decorating the holiday home should look around at all of the other items within the room. This will help them to find a rug from Trend Carpet that is consistent with the overall scheme.

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