Smoking Cigarettes in Scotland Today.

Smoking Cigarettes in Scotland Today. Image

Smoking Cigarettes in Scotland Today.

For many years, the pubs in Scotland had been obscured by hazy clouds of smoking cigarettes, and it caused serious damage to Scotland’s public health. Before the law was passed in 2005, the research showed that passive smoking had resulted in 2,000 deaths each year.

In 2005, the Scottish Parliament passed the Smoking Health & Social Care Act with overwhelming votes of 83 to 15 in favour to ban smoking cigarettes in pubs while the Scottish Conservatives were the only ones who opposed the legislation. By the law, if the employers are not complying with the new rules, they could be fined up to £2,500, and the people who are caught smoking cigarettes in the places banned could be faced fine up to £1,000.

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There has been controversy about the new law. Many people feel that bar nights would not be the same without lighting up a cigarette in the pub, and some of the die-hard insist that they would not obey the new law despite the fine warnings.

However, the statistics have shown that many people reported have quit smoking cigarettes since the ban was introduced, which suggests that the new law has generated a hugely significant impact on public health in Scotland.

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