Highland Games

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Highland Games

Like so many sporting traditions around the world, Scotland ‘s has one of the greatest Scottish customs called the Highland Games. Some say that the origin of the Highland Games predates any written recorded history and that it was a way for King Malcolm the 3rd of Scotland to determine who serves in his kingdom, from his personal messenger to his strong guards.

Every year across the country between May and September, a gathering of Scottish and international athletes come together to celebrate Scottish and Celtic culture. The games are known to attract thousands of competitors and spectators, there are more than 80 events that competitors can flex their muscles and wear the traditional Scottish kilt. Each event puts competitors to the test, there are events that test strength and abilities such as Tug of war, Hammer throw and Caber toss. Caber toss is where the competitor balances a long log and runs forward to toss the log in the air.

Not only are there sporting challenges, many locals and tourist come to enjoy the festivities including performances and competition in highland dancing, large marching bands, solo pippers playing Bagpipes and the sounds of thundering drums. The most popular Highland Games are staged in Oban Dunoon and Braemar.

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