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Scottish Food Culture

Scotland’s wide vistas of rugged mountains surrounded by ocean and winds, this county is exposed to the seasons most often days are cold. So it comes to no surprise that traditional Scottish food is all about enjoying basic comforts, robust, highly nourishing with plenty of fatty goodness. Especially when the days in winter are cold and were spent outside fishing and working hard in the fields. A good hearty meal and a delicious sweet treat is all worth coming home to in the evenings. But in the last two decades, Scottish culinary style is changing less people work in the fields, people are travelling and are more health conscious, with this Scottish are introduced to many international food cultures such as Italian, French and Asia. A new Scottish generation of chefs and cooks have emerged in food culture has emerged. Scottish chefs are taking traditional Scottish dishes, modernising these foods focusing on local ingredients and taste. Chefs from around the world come to Scotland in search of the top-quality produce from Highland Venison, organic free roam Angus beef and fresh ocean seafood, to seasonal heirloom varieties of berries, root vegetables and local dairy products. In recent years Scotland ‘s pubs and bars are serving special single malts whisky as they would fine wines and local craft beers are supported. There’s also a trend with microbreweries popping up all over the country.

In general Scots normally have three meals a day breakfast, lunch and Dinner. Traditionally breakfast is porridge, but these days it’s easy to find people grabbing a coffee and croissant to go. On weekends or after a big night out Scots are known to have a hot breakfast with a generous spread of bacon, black pudding (a type of sausage made from blood and spices) sausages, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and eggs with buttered toast. A big Scottish breakfast is a great way to enjoy a cosy weekend. Traditionally dishes that can be found on Scottish menu for Lunch and Dinners are loved by many and have stood the test of taste buds.

Surf & Turf a main meal combining seafood with red meat. The seafood is locally caught langoustines, crabs or lobsters and with a steak fillet of world famous Aberdeen Angus beef from Scottish highlands or lean Venison from red deer. Served on top with a rich wine based sauce and additional seasonal root vegetables.

Haggis is Scotlands national dish, most foreigners will probably pass on this dish for its ingredients and appearance. The dish is similar to a stuffed sausage but with ingredients that include finely chooped lungs, heart and liver from sheep mixed with oatmeal, onions and spices. Haggis is served with potatoes and turnips. Surprisingly tastes really good and is very filling too. There are also options for non-meat eaters to try vegetarian Haggis available in some restaurants throughout Scotland.

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