The traditional Scottish ceilidh

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The traditional Scottish ceilidh

The ceilidh is the traditional Scottish celebration party. A ceilidh: features music, dancing and lots of good cheer from everyone present. They are traditionally held at Hogmanay (the Scottish name for New Years Eve) and are a popular activity during the winter months. However, ceilidh clubs run events all year round and any visit to Scotland can be enlivened by a visit to a ceilidh.

Getting the most out of a ceilidh

A ceilidh can be an overwhelming experience for those who are not initiated. Most dances consist of a number of repeated steps and feeling like the only person who does not know what is going on during a fast moving dance can be a very isolating experience. Fortunately, the majority of ceilidhs have callers whose job it is to explain the dances to newcomers (and remind experienced attendees of exactly what is expected of them). Those attending a public ceilidh for the first time may want to check whether the event that they have chosen to attend has a caller before purchasing a ticket.

Other things to know

While ceilidhs rarely feature a sit-down meal unless they are a part of another event such as a wedding, there is generally food available, again this should be checked in advance to avoid any confusion or disappointment. Most ceilidhs will also have a bar available serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to those in attendance. Drinking can be a fairly major part of a ceilidh but increasing numbers of attendees choose not to drink and there will generally be a number of drivers who are not able to partake.

Overall, attending a ceilidh is a great way to find out more about Scottish culture and get to know the people of the country during a visit to Scotland.

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