Claiming Scottish Ancestry

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Claiming Scottish Ancestry

Today, there are nearly 50 million people across the globe who claim to have Scottish ancestral roots. In the 18th century, a great number of Highlanders were displaced from their homes so as to pave way for sheep farming. Many of them decided to start afresh in different parts around the world such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand, to mention just a few. What’s more, they carried and upheld their customs and traditions including shoes and other attire and these remain predominant to-date. That said, where should you start when looking to trace your ancestors? Well, continue reading this article to find out.


When it comes to Genealogy – which in essence refers to the study of families and discovery of their antiquity as well as lineage – Scotland tops the charts. As such, information pertaining to family history is readily available on the internet which owes much to the fact that written documents go back hundreds of years ago. For instance, you’re likely to come across registers of birth or marriage that incredibly date back to 1553. Also, you’ll be left in awe once you stumble upon census records of between 1841 to 1911 online. The department of the Scottish government responsible for registration of births, deaths, marriages and is also tasked with the carrying out of the census called The National Records of Scotland. Since 1998, these historic records have been publicly available and everyone is invited to have a look at them through the ‘Scotland’s People’ website. If you want to keep yourself abreast with all the latest Scottish genealogy news from around the world
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